Love Despite Faults

“I found a love in me, I always somehow knew that it existed.
 It just needed to be set free.”

                                                 ~Relient K

~Love Despite Faults~

Borrowed from
What does it mean to live for the world?
It means nothing, nothing at all.
Do we put God above everything else?
Or does the world look better than an end of light and song?
It is my job to be a stone tablet to the world.
I am here to bring salt to the bland.
To be more for God and less for me.
And to be a desire for good and not evil.
As this world grows towards a place absent from truth,
The true believers will be brought out.
Standing for good,
Standing and singing, proclaiming, and dying.
What does He want from us?
He wants us to love Him,
Love Him with all that is in us.
He wants us to listen to him even in the bustle and in the quiet. 
It is not my job to condemn the lost.
I am here to love despite peoples faults.
I am to love like Christ loves
Because I am not perfect either. 

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