Candy and Roses or Loaves and Fishes

“There’s faith and there’s sleep. We need to pick one please because faith is to be awake and to be awake is for us to think and for us to think is to be alive and I will try with every rhyme to come across like I am dying to let you know you need to try and to think.”

~Candy and Roses or Loaves and Fishes~

Miracles and faith. 
Healing and death. 
Making a point by being more than selfish. 
Being more than what they want you to be. 

Glimpses of glory. 
Glimpses of the miraculous. 
Making disciples out of dust.  
And not following what they want you to follow.

Fear of what we do not understand. 
Going back to what we were before. 
Even when the truth is right under our eyes. 
Even when the miraculous is in front of our lives. 

They look our way and hate what we say. 
Beaten down and left for dead. 
Bruised then killed for Love. 
Faith rising up stronger than before.

Instead of sleeping let us live.
Instead of denying the truth be strong and sing until it hurts.
Sing a song that glorifies the faithful. 
Until death takes its toll,  naturally or by their hands. 

What is the cost of discipleship? 
Is it candy and roses? 
Is it loaves and fishes? 
Is it loving yourself more than true Love?

None of these things are discipleship. 
It is following Love more than others. 
It is giving people loaves and fishes.
It is a contradiction to the norms of this world and adopting the norms of the other side.

There is a cost to following truth. 
An alienation of stock footage. 
A more perfect way of dying to yourself.
Allowing oneself to understand that life will never be free from conflict. 

A bullet is in my left hand, and a broken watch in the other. 
What do I use to understand miracles? 
What do I use to solve conflict. 
The bullet or the broken watch.

Is it possible to use one for the other? 
Can both work for the good of the lost? 
If the watch was working would it be any better? 
Or is faith enough for time to be washed away?

Is it possible to fire the bullet without the gun?
Can both be used to kill unbelief? 
If the bullet does not penetrate can it still be understood? 
Or is faith enough for miracles to happen?

I cannot take you with me. 
But I can try and show you what it means to be free. 
Only Love can save me or you. 
Only the truth can make you see the gleam.

My works do not create miracles. 
My death does not let you die too. 
It costs more than doing a good work. 
It costs your life.

It costs giving up this world for the other. 
To be persecuted and beaten. 
Diving into the deep from way up high. 
To be divisive and to look at glory for more than doctrine. 
But to look and really see what it means to be dirty and then washed clean. 

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