Paychecks and T-Shirts

“I fell in love and all I got was a t-shirt.”
                                      ~Me and Kiley

~Paychecks and T-Shirts ~

All of my surroundings offer me an attempt to ruin my life.
A single illumination gives me a chance at a better worth.
Being snarky and letting people in.
Letting my head become more than my body.
Filling up and becoming more arrogant.
To deflate is to have faith and to have faith is to let pride fall. 
But all I do is whine about money.
All I do is wish for paychecks and t-shirts. 
Trying to be the best and trying to be better than the world.
When all you need is to let your pride die and be invited into the sky.
Photographs taken of those that are ahead.
And legs chopped off at the knees of those who linger behind. 
We stand in line and wait for our names to be called.
We wait and stand still looking at the sky and maybe some one might fall. 
We stare at the sky where the power is the strongest.
We try to be at the top by kindling a fire that consumes our goodness.
But the fall is more dangerous if you arrive and then plummet before your time. 
For the climb is worth more if you do it with you and love side by side. 
Looking down upon those that we deem unworthy.
Instead of loving them for being a creation in this world. 
I wish to fight for my right to die well.
I wish to die at the appointed time knowing I lived not by me but by Love.
I guess we transition into a story of sorts.
A story of a man and his struggles in this world we call. for some reason, home. 
One day I was walking and before me was a wall.
This wall was higher than even the clouds.
On the other side of the wall was something I needed.
I wondered if it was another pay day for me?
One day I was walking and before me was a wall.
And I thought this was the end of the journey I was on.
One day I wept before the wall.
I cried out to anything that was listening. 
I chose to be below what I thought I deserved.
And then the wall crumbled to the ground and let me pass.
One day later I was walking and before me was a taller wall.
I then realized life was worth living for the wall made me stronger.
Well I will end it here.
I will end it in a hopeful note about Love and not giving into pride.
But remember this is life,
And life is an unpredictable mess.
A mess we all must cross if we are to achieve more than a paycheck or t-shirt. 

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