Thank God for Another Day

“I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath. I wanna be known by you.”
                                                                          ~Twenty One Pilots

~Thank God for Another Day~
Who am I looking for in the bramble and weeds?
What motivation am I using to get through the woods?
Who is on the other side of this long walk?
What do I seek, in the dark, in the dank air of the desecrated sanctuary?

Twisting, crooked vines,
Snatching my arms and legs.
Scraping my skin as I struggle to get out.
Being pulled to the ground trying to find my way.

My failings make me who I am.
But I need to be thankful even when I am lost.
It is hard to see where I am.
But I still need to thank God for another day.

Breaking free but not by me.
Continuing my journey to the sea.
I am glad I did not flee.
And I thank God for taking me in my need. 

Learning how to fall.
Learning how to die.
Learning how to repent. 
Learning how to live in this prison of mine.

Knocked down on the floor and loving it
Beaten but not taken out. 
Hurt by men who see what I have. 
As I hold my head up high and see the woods before my feet. 

On the other side is the salt and water.
On the other side is soil to plant new seeds.
On the other side are chains being broken.
But for now I am thanking God for another day.

Grieving for those that do not understand.
Praying for those that do not look or see.
Walking in this thorn filled woods.
Hoping to grab more to walk and ride with me.

Take heart and use your guilt to repent. 
Denying the pleasures of the world’s grief.
Seek the path through the woods.
And then look up take heart and thank God for another day. 

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