Tongue in Cheek Science

“Living is simple, it’s gravity. Gravity, isn’t so hard.  Living is simple, it’s entropy. Entropy, falling apart. I’m falling apart again.”

Tongue in Cheek Science

Gravity keeps me on the ground and makes me realize I wish I could fly.
I want true joy.
I want to be free. 
I want to take gravity out and fly to be whole.

I grieve for the living because people today have no hope.
I grieve for myself because I can become enamored by this life.
These laws that keep me grounded. 
These laws that bind the physical to the solid.
I have a bullet and I have a gun.
I have a knife and a target.
I have an arrow with a bow. 
I have a tongue and a voice.

This bullet goes through the skull.
This bullet is shot from a barrel.
What does this mean? 
It means the physical needs to be bound not to gravity but to the sanctity of the living soul.
This knife cuts deep.
It burrows into the target and does the deed.
What does this mean? 
It means blood is richer when it is flowing from love and hope.
This arrow pierces the heart of every man.
It connects and kills.
What does this mean? 
It means that in fealty there can be strength. 
This tongue is the most dangerous weapon known.
It can destroy more than a bullet, knife, or arrow.
What does this mean? 
It means our greatest weapon can be used to build them up or cause them to fall.

We have killed many so far.
We have used weapons to end lives.
But what lives are we talking about? 
Well, we are talking about the flesh that gravity is holding.

We are killing the very thing keeping us from hope.
The human eyes that lust after power,  greed,  and sexuality.
Cutting away depression, anxiety, and strife. 
To become one with a Savior that we can look to and replace our false flesh souls.

Hope is what will get you through the day.
Hope will give you the strength to fight the in the fray.
To become like entropy and then fly away.
To break the laws of this world and turn to the world of our Father. 


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