The Straightaway

The Straightaway
Being healed by water.
Coming up clean.
Listening to a teacher,
And acting upon the words.
Our skin can be washed clean.
Our insides can be flushed out.
To become one with the water.
To become one with my savior. 
What is stopping you from belief?
What is stopping you from diving into the deep?
Turning those corners,
And finding the straightaway.
We all have a prison in our hearts are trapped in.
We all have a hope for freedom.
We all have strings hooked on our backs.
We all have the ability to break clean.
Underwater,  and loving it.
Drowning to be free.
Lesser names can be saved.
Derelict bodies can be alive again. 
Rise up and let the water be your prayer.
Profess the belief of Love.
Speak out words of truth,
And let the dirt be removed from your mind.
Listen to words known for belief.
Faith to be real and longing.
Hope above hope.
Death above death.
Together,  forever.
Grace and forgiveness.
Hand in hand,  arm around arm.
Love and humility taken by steps of faith. 
Do not wait for the water.
Do not hesitate to cleanse yourself.
Show the world what you believe.
Stand on the mountain and have it MO e underneath your feet.
Shout and proclaim your new life.
Become more than you once were.
Embrace the path that is hard to follow.
For at the end you win. 

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