Let’s Make a Deal

“Only the losers win. They’ve got nothing to prove. 
They’ll leave the world with nothing to lose.”

~Let’s Make a Deal~

Strive to die well.
Strive to fight like a man who has but a day left.
Strive towards hope,
On the dangerous road meant for the strong.

Red door,  blue door,  oh and a green door.
Wood, iron, feathers, \and soil. 
Entrances of gold,  silver,  and tin.
One of these can be yours, one of these will become your prize!

Lets make a deal!
One,  two,  or three.
Who wants to be first?
Go ahead and switch places with the last. 

Riches can be yours if you choose correctly.
You get one choice per life,  make it wisely.
Many can choose the same door.
But once after you pass through will the prize be revealed to you.

Do you wish to play?
To play this little game I play everyday?
It has been 25 years and I have yet to walk through the correct door.
For I cheat and get second chances time after time. 

New doors appear every day.
New challenges get added to the game.
I cannot just choose anymore.
I must fight my way to the chamber of doors on the left side of the right. 

There are so many people around me as I fight.
No one helps in my battle,
Except for one person robed in thorns,
Bloody,  bruised and beaten,  yet this one never quits.

On those days where I strive and fail
This person helps me carry on.
Even when they seem absent before the next wave.
Yet I have hope they will arrive either this cycle or the next.

I lose and I lose and I lose.
I win then I lose and then play again.
My heart carries on my sleeve.
Like a badge of honor displaying my rank and kill streak.

So,  what are in these doors?
One day there was porn,
The next day was a lie,
And one was forgiveness. 

One was a man with golden skin and sensual touch.
Another was a woman whom I held my stare with a bit too long.
Another was twenty bottles and an aspirin on a bed stand.
And one was hope in a black room.

The fancy doors come easy.
The broken and brittle doors I fight for more. 
This life has idols that take hold and draw away your blood.
This life is not easy to continue in when your faint from losses and strife.

I heard a rumor of a final set of doors. 
One day I will arrive at the choice that will define me.
Both of these doors will be gold.
But only one of them will open for you.

After you pass through what will you find?
What do you wish to see?
What did you fight for in the sea of doors?
What did you put yourself into and what did it manifest you to believe?

One thought on “Let’s Make a Deal

  1. Whoa, dark, but so is life. Jesus said I am the door. Hold on to that and remember the One who fights for you is in Revelation, full of power and might. Even the Beloved Disciple fell flat on his face as dead when this Jesus appeared.


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