I Wonder What it is Means to Walk?

“Free, come set me free, down on my knees. I still believe you can save me from me. Come set me free. Inside this shell there’s a prison cell.”

I Wonder What it is Means to Walk?

A free fall lifestyle.
When you dive into the air without a parachute.
When you jump into what you know to be wrong.
Instead of jumping with a friend who shows you what freedom really can be.
Denying what I know to be true and running to the wrong side. 
Being a slave to those around me and living a life I wish to never lead.
Crippled and falling down.
Broken and seeing lights fill up my eyes, filling up the skies.
Plans are in motion.
They will be executed.
They will go one of two ways.
They will become more than what they are, or fall short.
I want to believe in a world where pain does not exist.
I want to believe in a hope that is tangible and true.
To lift up my head and know I have arrived.
To forgive myself for what I have done.

What does it mean for someone to come alive?
What does it mean when a cripple walks again?
I can never raise myself from the dead.
My strength is not sufficient enough.
Many try to deter your works by putting themselves higher than you.
Your accomplishments are not good enough for any of them.
But do not stop.
For good works should not be done for your glory but for home.
I believe in the possibilities of Love.
I believe in truth and hope.
I believe that this world is not my home.
I believe in the miraculous because I was lost and now I have a goal.
A blip in reality.
Minuscule to those around me.
Yet I can be free.
For the everything loves me. 
There are days I deny all I hold true.
There are days where I live for my own and not for the end.
There are days when hope seems like a distant memory.
But then I come back and realize I was once crippled and now I am free. 

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