We All Have a Role

What a happy and holy fashion it is that those who love one another should rest on the same pillow. 
              ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

~We All Have a Role~

A helping hand. 
An honorable role made by God.  
To be next to your man. 
Not in conflict but in harmony.

God’s spirit is shown through you. 
The Spirit is known as the helper. 
And so are you. 
An honorable position appointed by God. 

Like a dove descending upon the Earth. 
The man’s own Spirit and lover. 
A friend above any other.  
Are you a jewel to your husband or do you hinder him?
She is Holy, one are you
When you come together. 
Marriage shown as a way to show the sanctity of Christ.
Coming to together as one flesh to love each other and loving God.
She respects her husband. 
She loves her husband. 
She helps him. 
As he serves her.
There are many roles to play. 
They all need to work together to make the dance sway.
The man being the head serving his lover. 
The woman respecting and helping her husband just as the Spirit does for us.

Neither role is beneath the other. 
All work together for the good of another.
Both are Holy. 
 And both make sure the dance stays true.

A woman can speak her mind. 
A man should never beat down their wives when she has something to say.
A woman is not silent in marriage. 
She supports, loves, and if he is in the wrong speaks up in correction. 

Do not fear your husband. 
Fear God not your spouse.  
Love both God and your husband. 
Be strong and work together for the good of yourself and those around. 
Do not ridicule your husband.
You are not meant humiliate him.  
In doing so it demeans him. 
And how are you to be partners if you think he is beneath you?  
No one person has more value than the other. 
Let your husband lead. 
Are you making it so he cannot be the man he was meant to be? 
You are to help and not destroy the marriage you said was forever. 

Contempt will kill a marriage. 
Being completely silent will kill a marriage. 
Respect will build it up. 
What you think of your other when they are not around is what you are in your marriage.

A helping hand. 
An honorable role made by God.  
To be next to your man. 
Not in conflict but in harmony.

Trust one another. 
For when you trust and respect your husband the more love he will show. 
The woman is smart, caring, and kind. 
This marriage is of two parts, and both parts must work together as one. 

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