What it Means to Be a Man

“Be a man. We must be swift as a coursing river. Be a man. With all the force of a great typhoon. Be a man. With all the strength of a raging fire. Mysterious as the dark side of the moon.”
~What it Means to Be a Man~
Men, you are the head of this partnership.   
Men, you are to be responsible for your house. 
Men, you do not boss around.

It may be counter cultural,  but what is in culture is broken.
For the truth. 
For you family. 
Protect and be Holy. 
Do not let your other half falter.
Responsibility rests on your shoulders.

You are looking and you see. 
You have eyes and a voice yet you do not say anything. 
Grow up, be a man.
On that fateful day when sin came to the Earth. 
Who was accountable who was called upon. 
I believe that would be the man. 

Take responsibility and be a man.  
Own up to your mistakes. 
Grow up and realize you have this thing called a backbone. 
Use your eyes and see what is right in front of you. 
The beauty of your other. 
The love cannot waver between you and your lover.

Emulate the one who gave it all. 
Mirror the reflections that move by themselves. 
Reach into the glass and pull out all that needs to be put inside.

Stand up. 
You need to lead. 
You need to show what love is.

For love will sustain. 
But only if it true love. 
Only if it is based on the mirror. 
You have a gift and you want to throw it away? 
What is wrong with you? 
Fix your life so that you may serve your family and your lover. 
Do you show them God? 
Do you take them to his house? 
Do you go to bed and not repent?

Anger should not be in your heart when the sun begins to sleep. 
Look into her eyes and make sure it is well. 
Look into their eyes and make them know you love them.
A balance between being tough and knowing when to cuddle. 
When to speak and when to listen. 
When to defend or be on the offensive.

Rip out the throat of the sin that tries to enter. 
Be the man that your family will respect. 
And defend them when the inevitable attacks come.

Being a man is like  Fast and the Furious,  it is all about family.  
It is about knowing them just as much as they know you.
And then on the other side you will fight for the well being and love of your house.

Honor your wife. 
Love you life. 
Do not let your family break.

Catch her when she falls. 
Build her up when she is weak. 
Hold her when she comes into your arms.

Realize she is yours and you are hers.
Love one another just as Christ loves us. 
Be the man built of both tenderness and toughness.

Be a teddy bear when she needs it.
And a predator when she is attacked. 
She is not lesser than you,  she is your partner in this unceasing dance. 

Lead her when you dance. 
But make sure you dance together.  
Swing and sway as one.

Hope and love as you hold her up in times of need. 
This world will be worse without her.  
Your world will be better when the dance comes together.

As you lead,  as you love, as you provide. 
As you are wrapped up together, 
Physically, emotionally, and Spiritually. 
Remember she is first and she deserves to be both side by side and face to face. 

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