Please, Do Not Leave

Cause I need you
Like the dragonfly’s wings need the wind
Like the orphan needs home once again
Like heaven needs more to come in
I need you here like you’ve always been.


Please, Do Not Leave

These roots used to grow deep.
There used to be water and sun making us grow.
Our tree stretched and intertwined.
It produced fruit and flowers.

But not now,
Now it is dead and black.
Dank and rotten.
The leaves falling and not coming back.

This tree used to be fruitful.
It produced seeds that blew in the wind.
The wind took them and created new worlds.
But now in death worlds have been broken.

This world creates gods that do not resemble iron or steel.
They are made from flesh and blood.
Thoughts and ideas.
And we worship them instead of Love.

Reciprocate love.
Respect and learn through God.

Emulate His love even when times destroy your thoughts.
For love and respect based on the truth will help your tree grow.

Love is hope.
Love is eternal.
Love transcends and is in every root.
Our Lord demands love, so why do we not show it to each other?

Lust is not the same as love.
Lust is driven by desire.
Do not do what you feel.
For feelings of the heart can lead you astray.

Who wants a forest that does not grow?
Who wants a root system where a soft wind can blow down the trees?
Grow together, love each other.
One and the same, lead and be lead.

Be for one another.
Look at each other and love.
Stand next to each other and be selfless.
Be intimate and work to be friends and lovers.

Use you ears to hear.
Use your time to do what the other likes to do.
Be intimate and love.
Love when it feels like there is none.

These roots can be strong again.
Realize you are not perfect, and neither are they.
Need to need, love to love.
Grow and be strong even in seasons that seem gray.

Look up and realize perfection is years away.
Remember that your lover is there by your side.
Let the tree stay.
Let your love root deep and become strong once again.

These trees can grow once more.
These trees will prosper.
If you let it, and let God guide.
These trees will not die, if you actually get on your knees and pray.


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