Of Course it is Not Easy

“Are you holding on? Are you up against those ropes? Because I know how it feels to lose hope.” 

~Of Course it is Not Easy~

Our lives  will not be given flowers and candy all the time. 
It will not be handed good drink and food every day.
Our lives live on during the day.
Our lives live on during the night.

There has to be a meaning behind it all.
Behind the pain,
Behind the handshake from the hypocrite.
Behind the sorrow laden days.
We fell
We fall
We hear it all.
We hurt
We cry
We die to life or death every day.

Our bodies long for something more.
We long for truth
We long for acceptance
We long for the pain to stop.

Life will not end in this world
For this world is broken
This world is finished
This world needs something more.

Life can be given to every man.
There is a man who gave it all to help us through the pain.
He gave us hope
He gave us life.

The eyes of a child
The innocence of it all.
The hope shown through young blood.
God gives us a way to learn what true hope is.
True hope is confident
It is for sure
It is logical and moral.
Hope is a faith and love that transcends our brokenness.
Remember pain will always come,
Because of this we need to come together and hope by love,
And overcome what this world throws at you.  
And overcome the flesh that bogs us down. 

Love the loveless.
Love the unholy.
Love for the hope given to every man.

Love and know that true hope is just a prayer away. 

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