Embrace and Divide

Let’s set this city ablaze
We’ll burn down the monuments
And build mountains in our place
We could see everything
We could start a fire
And all shine in it’s light
Shine so bright we burn in eyes
And heal the stories ending
                                                ~Further Seems Forever

~Embrace and Divide~

Let’s burn this city to the ground.
Lets light a fire in the souls of everyone around us. 
Dancing and singing causing both comfort and division.  
Let’s let the light of life shine from you.
Will everyone accept what we are showing? 
Are we free from persecution?  
No,  fire consumes and purifies. 
Fire cleans and causes soot.
When you learn the truth, easy is never going to be in your vocabulary.  
We must set a fire and show people that their lives will be more then dandelions.  
It is going to be a rose,  thorn and all.  
It is going to be a rose,  blood and beauty.
Even in all of the pain, 
Even in all the troubles and tribulations, 
Remember we have a hope that others do not. 
We have a love and a promise that transcends human understanding. 
Our lives deserve to be a sweet melody. 
A melody for ourselves and for God. 
At times it is a fast song, 
And other times a slow one.
With all of our songs,  
And all of our styles and genres. 
They have all been made to glorify 
And to save. 

Grace is a fire that takes away our sins. 
Our obedience is key to keeping up with the song given to us.
Love is a thread that connects both pain and peace. 
Love is what keeps us secure in the understanding of what it means to be alive. 
This city is on fire. 
Let’s light up another. 
This city is on fire. 
Let’s love another.
Goodbye easy, you will not be missed. 
Goodbye smooth sailing, I want to grow. 
Goodbye and hello. 
Goodbye and let me know the truth of a war that is already won. 

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