Live For More

“So I set off running
To reach the other side
To find a place to call my own
There in the distance the rivers open wide
And I was lost but not alone”

~Live for More~
Trust and let live your life into the unknown that is worth letting go for.
Give up control to the one who gave it all.
I want to live my life to upset the status quo.
To hurt the one who wishes to take it away from me.
I long for the other side.
My hopes hope relies on the sea
It sails me to a place where I am happy.
To a place where you will meet me where I am.
The plan was said, 
And the plan took place.
Fulfill my soul and break my heart.
Please make me hurt and long for the end of days.
In the meantime I wish to live and breathe free.
I wish to bring those whom I talk to with me.
In the meantime I wish to drink and see,
All the glory of the world around me.
I plan to take full advantage of the words placed before me.
I plan to learn more than philosophy and greed.
I plan to pray in the day even when I should sway.
I plan to teach myself and others the hope created by death.
Our information stretches far.
It instantly travels faster than a man tapping his finger.
We live in a world that is so connected.
Yet we are more alone than ever.
Death will come and information shall be sent.
The digital nation making a person infamous.
The answer to the truth is just a click today.
The answer to what comes next is a prayer and eye shut away.
What is this fear that we have when it comes to dying?
We need to live in the moment and for our end in the same breath.
We need to hear our personal prophecy fulfilled.
Our self contained moments restored to a group of those who truly love.
Are you ready?
Is your life awakened and closed?
Is your heart running and standing still?
Is your soul pointed north longing to be home?
Trust, live, hope and dream.
Create and be created for purpose and the sea.
Set sail and know where your destination lies.
Love the loveless and give hope to those who have no hope at all.
My end is a home in a place where I finally know I belong. 
If I die, or if I ascend I will never stop praying and loving all that loves back.
If I die, or ascend I will do my best to doubt my doubts and live your dreams.
If I die, or ascend I will continue to be on fire and burn for love.
I will burn and be on fire for a nation of sinners.
I will be a saint that is worth the title given to me.
I will burn down this town for a hope beyond my being.
I will burn and live for God, and then die or ascend into a home. 
A home where I will sing the truth and harmonize.
 With the saints that set sail before, during, and after me. 

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