Two Oceans

I gave my everything, for all the wrong things. In this cold reality I made this selfish war machine. Oh, this has become Hell. How can I share this life with someone else? I promise you there is no weight that can bury us. Beneath the ghosts of all my guilt, here in the dark side of me. 
                                                                                                                        ~Coheed and Cambria 

~Two Oceans~

I am striving for all the things that make me unhappy.
I am looking for life in all the wrong places. 
Treasure is where my heart lies. 

My heart lies at the bottom of the ocean.
Looking for the beauty in the depths.
The ocean is beautiful but at that depth I cannot see it.

Hearts swim together to find peace.
Hearts dive into the deep looking for pearls and angels.
Hearts go deeper looking for sunken treasure. 

Are they able to see this treasure they seek?
Is it worth the effort to swim further for a price?
What they are looking for, is it going to fulfill their souls?

I am putting my hope in all the wrong things. 
I am working towards worry to fuel my life.
I am trying to survive more than trying to be alive. 

Should I jump off to the other side of my boat?
Where I am told the true beauty lives?
Or should I continue to to dive into the depths that give me so called more?

Should I find another ocean to swim in?
Am I able to turn this life around?
I wonder who am I trusting in? 

Why am I letting fear and exuberance run my existence?
I need to take the knife and cut the cord I use to anchor myself to this stone heart.
I need to break it apart. 

Seas of broken glass and shattered dreams.
I need to turn this stone to spirit,
And swim towards real beauty rather than tarnished goods. 

The glass in the seas make swimming harder for many.
It cuts and bruises all that we hold dear.
The glass can be what purifies if you let go of control. 

Take this heart and burn it in the water.
Take this heart and shower it with the cleansing fire.
Take this heart and let me be a trusting spirit and let me be free.

Greed and pride of the heart is what the depths tell us to endure.
It tells us we just need a little more.
We just need the next happy thing. 

May my heart learn something for once, 
And define my desires for the longing of real time.
The absence of lingering and the collected nature of the world.

Take root and grow in the ocean you want me to be.
Grow and have me see that money does not define me.
The heart of hearts beats air to my lungs to disperse the fear that I hold dear.

My whole life I have been searching for the way to true peace.
I have been looking in all the wrong places.
And doing the drugs that I have been told will ease my pain.

I have been striving for all the things that make me unhappy.
I need to let go of the control I think I have.
I need to learn that the depths hide the beauty the other ocean gives freely.

I do not need more when I can trust and gain more.
I do not need the ocean that hides peace.
I need to live my life for the other side and destroy every sense of control I think I have.

Goodbye greed.
Goodbye material need.
Hello to the life I was meant for where I will thrive.  

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