Everything That is Offered

“Looking for an orphanage 
I’m looking for a bridge I can’t burn down 
I don’t believe the emptiness 
I’m looking for the kingdom coming down 
Everything is meaningless 
I want more than simple cash can buy 
Happy is a yuppie word.”

~Everything That is Offered~

Today I saw a rich man. 
He has everything this world could offer. 
His heart is crafted out of gold.
And his mind is a gem.
Today I saw a rich man.
He walks and talks like he owns the world.
I cannot fault him for this,
Because he does own the world.
Today I saw a rich man.
This man has all the answers.
The answers to math, science,and literature.
The answers to financial gain.
Today I saw a poor man.
He had a smile on his face,
And nothing on his back.
Today the poor man looked richer than the rich man. 
Today I saw a rich man.
He tried to fake a smile.
He tried to use his power to make his heart flutter.
He tried to be happy but had no faith to do so.
A rich man tried to hide behind a man to enter the Kingdom.
After he tried to buy his way in.
He told the man at the gates,  “I was good,  did you not see?”
A rich man is not rich when he has no love or faith.
The poor man was ushered into the gates. 
The poor man was richer than the rich.
He had faith and love.
He had more wealth then the rich man ever had.
Did you deny what you once held true?
Do you have faith to part the seas.
Did you spit in the face of Love?
Are you happy?
It is not sinful to be rich.
It is sinful when you do not give what Love deserves. 
Your spirit must line up with truth.
Is your life rich and poor?
Your mouth can cut deep.
Your words can harm as well as build.
Your knowledge can block your faith.
Listen, live,
and respect the One who gave it all.
Goodbye for now my friend.
Goodbye for now my family.
Goodbye for now my love.
Take up my words and reflect on how you wish to live.
Join me if you wish.
And know it is your choice everyday.
Listen to the voice of truth.
And then you will know if you are to move or to stay. 

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