Are You Afraid?

“You’re busy living now, aren’t you
You’re busy making vows
You’re coming unglued
Time is shorter than you know
The light is blinding to the naked eye, so why don’t you take
Steps away from being alone, I swear, it’s not to late for you”

Are you Afraid?

Look a hypocrite.
Look someone that has two sides. 
They are both black and gray. 
A man or woman diving into the fray.
Are you afraid?
Is anything worthy of looking up to?  
Is there a fear that is able to be used for good? 
Somebody is watching. 
Can we escape the whispers we use as a crutch? 
Are our opinions a secret revealed to anyone? 
Someone is watching.  
Someone never leaves,  even when we wish He would. 

My possessions and secrets are meaningless.  
My pride does not make me a better man. 
It hurts just to try and make it on my own. 
Someone is there,  someone is watching.

During the times when we think we are alone.
During the moments where hope is lost and fear of the world takes hold. 
During the fears we wish to hide. 
Someone is there, no matter what type of love you are showing. 
Who is watching? 
Who are you giving your fear to? 
Whose respect makes you whole? 
Shut the world and fear the Love of the one who never fails. 

I shout and scream
I dance and sing
I look up and then look down 
And at the end I am never alone. 

I respect the one deserves respect. 
I love the loveless and fear True love. 
Fear is respect when done out of reverence. 
My life is better when I look up and not around. 

Give into Love and give into hope. 
Make me a man who fears the one who is watching. 
I am never alone even when I am alone. 
And I am lost but always have someone who is there. 
Are you afraid? 
Are you fearful of the one who deserves to be feared?
Are you afraid of getting caught when you are alone? 
You should be. 

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