Not For Me

“We’re on your shore again
I can feel the ocean
I can feel your open arms
That pure emotion
I’m finally free again
Like my own explosion
We’re on your shore again
I can feel the ocean”

~Not For Me~

Can I enter the kingdom if I am just a good person? 
Is my morale compass what will save me? 
Am I too scared to speak the truth, 
Even if it offends?

The gate of religion needs to be torn down. 
The morality compass without God needs to cease.
True life is what I seek. 
Living for my God is how I wish to live. 

My morals could never be perfect. 
I am unworthy of inheriting the other side. 
But I have a hope. 
And I have a savior who let’s me be more than what I am. 

My world gets torn apart. 
My world spins to the left and I try and run to the right.  
I wait on a promise. 
I wait and if not now, maybe later.

My faith is being tested when I wait. 
My faith is being stretched and strengthened by my belief. 
I wait on true love to guide my soul. 
I wait on God because I can never do it on my own. 

Bring me peace when I have no more work to give. 
Bring me tears when my heart is hardened. 
Let my eyes become water as the fire burns my calloused soul. 
I offer my faith up to you,  as I did to myself and take up your words as my own.

If I offend let it be. 
If I fail let it be. 
If I must wait let it be. 
But let me see, oh, Lord please let me see. 

Nothing is nothing without you. 
Everything is everything when your around. 
I am yours,  I am yours. 
I am the boat and you are the wind. 
Take my sails where you want them to be. 
Take my life and let me live not by me,  please God not for me. 

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