Giving it All Away

“These bones are like maps and keys, where they took their hits, and they felt those teeth. There’s a story hidden underneath. If you dig in deep, will you find relief?”
                                                                                              ~Dashboard Confessional

~Giving it All Away~

Everything I have I give it all away.
The world wants and wants.
It wants what will destroy it. 
Everything I have I give it all away.

Break my heart and make me whole.
Break my spirit and give me life.
Break me down and show me a way.
Break me down to pieces and reconstruct me today.

What is the will in the world?
What desires do they cherish?
Riches, sex, and pride.
What is the will of this world?

I wish to understand more and more everyday.
Let me learn to love the loveless and hope for the hopeless.
I do not want the material this place has to offer.
I want riches of the spiritual, the ones that will last.

What are the priorities you keep?
What do you model for the ones around?
Is it filled with things made out of gold?
Or is it filled with the love that will save your soul?

Even if this world is against me.
Even if they do not agree,
I will love them anyway.
For love may light their way.

What does this world cherish?
What do they think will save their lives?
How does a church treat those around.
Do they only feed the poor for a spotlight?

Does happiness save you?
Does sex save you?
Does pleasure not last for only a moment?
What does the world lean on?

I give it all to you. 
With all that I have, nothing compares to your love. 
Everything I have I offer it up. 
My spirit will turn to ash unless I rely on love and not this world.

Everything I have I give it all away.
Lead me and teach me.
Help me lean on you.
Let me love you just an ounce of how much you love me.
Help me be more like you.

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