Above All

“Cause the God I believe in never worked on a campaign trail.”

                                                                                              ~Brand New 

~Above All~

People want to take away the truth from the world around us.
Words are being twisted and used for unholy acts. 
Words are being spliced together for attacks. 
They want to take the truth away from the world around us.

I want to be clear and concise.
I want the world to hear the news about the other side.
I want to believe more than doubt.
I want to be alive and fill the world with news of glory and joy.

Sadly, they want to shut down true love.
They want words to be equal and universal.
This book can get me to heaven and that book will do too.
They want everything and everyone to get them to glory.

They want to twist my words.
They want to take what I say and dismiss it with a turn of a cheek.
They want me to shut my mouth.
They want to belong to nothing or everything at once. 

But I am just a man.
I am not higher than you.
I am not above you, boasting that I am mighty.
I am just a man who wants you to know the truth.

I will fail
But at times I can succeed.
I need to tell you the truth.
So you can see that the reward is great.

Search and run.
Listen and be still.
Search and seek out the love that transcends time and space.
Listen, even when nothing seems to be going on.

They are taking away the truth from the world around us.
I am going down a path that does not apologize for its hardships.
They are taking away the truth from the world around us.
I am speaking even when they want me to stop.

I will die,
I will sacrifice this world for a love that rises above all.
I am not above all,
But I know one who is.

So, do you believe in miracles?
Do you believe God is the same God from long ago?
So, do you want the news that was spoken?
Do you believe the word given to us? 

It is the word that they want me to be quiet about.
I do not want the pleasures this world offers me. 
I want to rise up and do good for those who are unloved.
I do not want the worlds words growing inside my mind.
I want to take up my mat and walk, rejoicing, singing, and dancing.
I want to speak truths into lives that are unholy,and loveless.

To speak to those who think they deserve nothing.
Speak up, stand up, and pick up your mat and love.
For love is above this world. 
Love is what will save us all. 

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