Death Works for Love

And so I arrive at the conclusion 
Love isn’t made 
Love doesn’t sell or pay 
But we buy and sell our love away.
                        ~Jon Foreman

~Death Works for Love~

Never underestimate true love.
Never deter your thoughts away from the death that encompasses true love.
Love takes over the soul when the individual lets go to the one who stops the storm.
Never fail to seek true compassion even when it all seems lost.

Saints turn a blind eye when everything is alright.
But they come crawling back when they are beat to the ground.
God is not a get out of jail free card.
He deserves love and honor no matter where you are in this life.

Use yourself for more than personal gain.
Use yourself to build up others.
Treat those around you with the respect love deserves.
Use trust as a means to encapsulate a heart to what true love is.

And what is this true love?
What is this word that we use to describe what food we think is the best?
What is this word that we throw around, making it slowly fade in its potency?
What is this true love?

We fight for love.
We sing about love.
Dying to love and hoping we get it right.
We write about this word that is gradually losing its meaning.

This life demands real love.
It demands that we turn our lives over to what was done for us.
There was a death that shows what true love is.
There was metal and wood that caused blood, death, and deliverance.

I want a world that lives in those scars.
I want a world driven by that loves example.
A world not dominated by entitlement.
I want a world led by example of this true love.

Love so pure that words cannot truly describe it.
A love that hurts and heals at the same time.
Love so pure that my heart turns to it in everything.
A love treated by blood to make my soul white and whole.

What is true love?
It is fire burning away my calloused soul.
It is water washing me clean.
It is snow falling as a blanket keeping me warm at night.
It is blood, sweat, and death that rises up and creates true understanding.
It is an understanding that saves a life.

Never underestimate true love.
The love that this world can never provide.
Never underestimate true love.
Embrace it and embrace the rest of your life.

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