What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? Matthew 16:26


Pride will kill us all.
It can consume and twist until you are unrecognizable. 
Pride will kill us all.
It can take us, bind us, and turn you away from what you believe in.

We grasp onto our failures and let them define who we are.
We take hold to our success and we let it define who we are.
But who are we really?
What is the big thing that drives us to be who we are?

What do you believe in?
What makes you tick?
What causes you to wake up in the morning?
What defines you?

Sex will not fulfill your soul.
Drugs will not poison enough to make you feel whole. 
Money will not make you charitable.
And a lover will only show you so much true love.

There is a book that holds my sins.
There is a book that shows my good deeds.
One of these books is bigger than the other.
But there is another book with another story that saves my soul and makes one of the books disappear.

There is a life that I must use to define me.
There is a man who died but did not leave.
There is a place that I strive to enter.
There is a book that prepares me for battle against the idols in my life.

Why would we follow anyone else?
Who else takes away the shackles and the chains?
Why would you go for pride over the maker?
When the maker is the one who saves.

What can I do for my creator?
What can I give to show him my love?
Truthfully not much.
But I do anyways because I want to be more like him.

Do not grasp onto what others have.
For those things will not let you inherit the kingdom. 
Do not use our maker as a crutch. 
For he is the one that needs to be served when the sun is up and when the sun sets.
Serve and let the good news be north on your radar.
Serve and want to.
Serve and fight for your brothers soul.
Serve and love others.
For God does not fail, even when we do.

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