Who Are You?

“Fear and faith have something in common: they both believe in a future that hasn’t happened yet.”            ~Unknown

     Who Are You?

It hurts to be free.
It hurts to be alive.
I see the miraculous, yet I still struggle to stay clean.
It has to be you.
The one that answers my prayers.
Why then do I doubt you?
Sometimes I need to reach out and grab love.
Instead of waiting for love to come to me.
Faith can make you well, but I still doubt.

Who is this man you raises people from the dead?
Who is the one that fills my thirsty soul?
How come I know the answer, but I still ask the question?
It hurts to believe.
It hurts to know the truth.
It hurts because I do not belong here.
My home is not this world.
My home has representation that can actually get work done.
My home is not limited by time.
Who are you?
Why do you do the things you do?
Why do you love me?
It is easier to know God than to believe He loves me.
Who are you God?
Why do I doubt you when you always pull through?
The Earth moves around a sun.
My world revolves the true son.
I am sorry for my wrongdoings when I fall and think that the physical is worth more than love.

I live my life and wish I did it better.
I live my life to serve love and others.
A metaphor for sacrifice is what I wish to show.

I go through seasons.
I follow myself sometimes instead of the truth.
I go through seasons all the time.
I sweat and feel the burn of the risen Son.
As I move and try so hard, yet I fall anyway.
The snow covers me and lets me know I can be free once more. 
Until I spring up and grow in the name of the love you have shown.
It hurts when you run away.
It hurts when we hide instead of pray.
It hurts, but I would not trade it for anything. 

Another day to doubt.
Another day to believe. 
Another day to have my sins washed away.


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