What a Strange Question

“We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same”
                ~Anne Frank

~What a Strange Question~

Are we good?
Are we good when we are born?
Are we good as we grow?
I do not think so.

We are broken hearted people.
We are sinners to the core.
Our lives are handed to us when we are born.
Out bodies are dead the moment we first breathe.

We are rooted to this world before we learn to speak.
We travel in the dark.
We travel into the shadows .
We try to navigate based on ourselves and we fail…most of the time.

Ultimately we do not deserve life or love.
We do not think we need to seek out something different. 
Even when our insides are screaming for second life.
Even when we have the moments where we feel no hole but are just living.

I know there must be something more.
I know there must be something worth fighting for.
I know my insides could be brought to life. 
I know it is easier to doubt than to believe.

Are we good?
What a strange question.
Do we deserve love?
Do we deserve the sacrifice?
Are we good?

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