What Has Been Spoken to You

“In worship, God imparts himself to us.” 

                                                       ~ C.S.Lewis

~What Has Been Spoken to You~
Do you hear the voice that is pure?
Do you stop to listen?
Do you believe and let  your soul be washed clean?
Or do you run and not listen to the good  news? 

In this life there is sorrow,
There is doubt,
There is pain,
Let these things be used to glorify God.

You may see, but you do not hear.
You may hear, but you do not see.
Take what you have seen and what you have heard and use it for God. 
Show the love He has shown you.

How do you show the things that God has given to you?
Do you sit on your gifts and say maybe tomorrow?
Or do you go out and live every day?
Go out and use all you have gained to love those  who are not loved.

Are you truly living?
Are you truly listening?
Is your heart filled?
Go out and live your life based on what God has spoken to you.

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