Do I feel Love?

“Cause everybody knows, the hardest war to fight is a fight to be yourself  when the voices try to turn you into someone else”.
~Do I Feel Love?~
Creating scenarios in my head.
Coming up with ideas that make sense to me, but others does not reciprocate.
I make up stories that play out in my mind.
I hope that they come to pass.
I look and see that I cannot do this on my own.
But here I am trying anyway.
Here I am acknowledging my own limitations.
Yet I still try to do things by myself.
I break down.
I fall down.
I go on and become who I am.
I look and do not see.
The world does not provide the cover I need.
It does not have the answers I seek.
I need the water to wash me clean.
I need a helping hand to pull me up when that water washes over my head. 
I craft scenarios in my head.
Where I am loved by all
Where I am accepted by the masses
Where I am more capable of doing things by myself.
My weeping can be turned into rejoicing.
My pain can learn to love.
Even when I do not feel love and doubt why anyone would love me.
I must always press on.

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