Life Reacts in Mysterious Ways

“Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.”
~George R.R. Martin

~Life Reacts in Mysterious Ways~

Life reacts in mysterious ways.
It intertwines knots and unties straight lines. 
Life runs when walking and walks when propelling at the speed of light.
It deepens in the shallow end and it walks on flat feet in the deep.

Below can be above while the back is the front.
The dichotomy of black and white serves its purpose everyday you are alive.
There is death in life and when you are resurrected a man dies. 
What is more sad the pain of life or standing still and waiting for something to happen? 

Life can be diverse, and life can be sparse.
At times it feels like it is both at the same time.
We do not always know why things happen the way they do.
But I have a hope that someone is in control. 

A saint murders and a atheist helps the poor.
Inner peace is disrupted by war,
and karma is too tired to fight back.
This is life, and life is beautiful.

Life reacts in mysterious ways.
I can have all the confidence in the world,
and then she does not show up and I fall flat and make mistakes.
Then bounce right back when friends sacrifice their lives. 

Life hits hard.
Confidence is shaken and prayers are not answered.
You drive and fail, you drive again and you are thrown from the ride. 
Life is a ride that takes too many left turns.

In an age of connectivity people feel oh so alone.
In a world bound together by fibers and cords, why are there people who still have no friends?
The nation is a lonely one if you do not create a world where you belong. 
Thankfully others can populate that world as well.

Somehow this line has an end…mathematically that makes no sense.
But life is not ruled solely by science and math. 
Faith versus science, and time versus eternity.
Clean can be dirty, when the dirty can be clean again.

Life reacts in mysterious ways.
How then do we approach an ever changing aspect ratio?
We live it one day at a time,
We go off and take it in stride, even when we feel we are standing still. 

So go forth and live this dichotomy known as life.
Go forth and and live lies and tell truths.
Make mistakes and ask for forgiveness.
Live your life, for life reacts in mysterious ways.
A choose your own adventure book where love should be a constant and not a variable.

Life reacts in mysterious ways,
How will you live?
How will you be remembered, or not?
Who will you impact?
Left can be right, what will you choose? 

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