~Get Up and Move~

“Clap your hands all ye children. There’s a clamor in your whispering. Clap your hands tonight. Hear what the silence screams”
                                                            ~ Anberlin

~Get Up and Move~

Stunted growth when we start to feel comfortable.
Sitting here at a stand still basking in no progress at all.

Move like it is the last days of your world.
Dance and be joyful in your sorrow and your happiness.

Do you believe in the sacrifice of love and strength?
Do you think it is fine to dance and sing because life is short?

Stand up and move, taking one step at a time.
Lift one leg up and propel forward even if you have no desire.

Sometimes you look to your left and you see people there.
Sometimes you look to your right and you see more.
But you feel so alone.

Water and light grow us up.
The problem is we stand still undercover where light and water does not flow.

Give thanks, and cry out in times when you are here, and the world is over there.
Let love be strong, let love cry out, let love bring the world under your feet.

Sometimes you look in front of you and the bounty is great.
Sometimes you look around and the gifts are overflowing.
But you feel so alone.

Clap your hands, everyone.
Clap your hands and bring joy to those around you.

Bring voices up to Heaven.
Make it a sweet sound and clap your hands for love, grace, and happiness.

Children know happiness and joy best.
Children can see a rock and to them it is a mansion.

Stunted growth is hard to fix.
Stunted growth is a heart of stone.
Give me a shot of adrenaline, so I can dance and move for you.
Rejoice, and move, rejoice, and dance, rejoice for pain is a season.
Stand up, move your feet and love to worship, love to be a man.


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