I Cast Myself

My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.
                                                                        ~ Psalm 121:2
~I Cast Myself~

Hope comes from the trial.
The fire we are cast into forms our salvation.
Hope comes from knowing The King.
The fire we are cast into forms our love.

We are cast into dens full of beasts. 
We are cast into the depths, hoping to learn how to swim. 
We are cast in situations where we think all hope is lost. 
Fear can overtake our hope as we are cast into the fire.

I fall to my knees and cry out to God.
I fall down and offer up my love.
I cast myself into your arms.
Even in the trials, even in the pain. 

I am lonely.
I am a man.
I am lonely.
I am human.

Bury the Word deep.
Bury the hope, so when fear comes we will never forget the Lord’s goodness. 
I can be lonely.
I am still a man.

Let me fear You, and not the things of this world. 
Let the tribulation strengthen my resolve to know you more. 
I am cast in situations that make me trust.
Even when I do not wish to.

My hope is in the things I cannot see. 
My hope is in a God who lets me feel pain.
A God who lets pain strengthen me, and to show love to me. 
I can be lonely, for I am a man.

My hope is formed from trials. 
My hope comes from the Lord. 
My life is worth nothing.
But He makes it something.

God does not fail me.
And is there when I am lonely. 
God does not fail me. 
And is there when pain comes. 
When your eyes are dark and hope feels so far away, remember to rejoice for God does not fail. 

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