Long Live the Day

“We’re bred to growl and preen and claw like paper tigers.”
                                                                                   ~Say Anything

~Long Live the Day~

My words can kill you in a second.
My words can cut you deep and spill you dry.
My words are like swords and knives when used against another.
My words can kill you in a second.

When I am alone I say things I think no one can hear.
When I am with others words are sweet.
At times with others the words alone spill out and I am ashamed. 
The situation demands the word, instead of being one and true all the time. 
Lord let them always be pure, alone or with others.

My words can speak blessings. 
My words can heal you.
My words can be an encouragement in dark times. 
My words can be an ointment to clean and absolve your wounds.

When I go down I pray and pray hard
But when I stub my toe I curse and defile. 
At times my eyes say words more than my mouth.
And I dream in negatives that I thought would never hurt me.
Lord let my words always be pure, alone or with others.

And death comes with words
Hell ushers in the liars. 
And death forgets the good, it forgets the pure. 
Hell ushers in those who murder others.
Murder is not just the physical, murder can be of the voice.
Hell is a place worth running from.

Long live the day of love and punishment.
Long live words that cater to the good and run from the bad.
Long live my eyes to see what is Holy.
Long live you and me, for by our words we can be forever.

My words will condemn me.
My words can save me.
Your words can condemn you.
Your words can save you.

Run from evil, and delight in the truth.
Run from Hell, and let your words guide.
Down the path that is rough and narrow,
And not down the one that is broad and supposedly fun.
Let your words and eyes be he guide, to your own soul, and mine. 

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