The True Walk of Life

“Son of sorrow staring down forever with an aching view”


~The True Walk of Life~

Suffering, woes, hurt, longing, devastation.
The cries of a generation beating down their own lives into submission. 
Suffering, woes, hurt, love, devastation. 
The cries of the believer with pain located in his stripes.

America listens to a prosperity Gospel. 
A Gospel that says God is never going to let me suffer.
A Gospel of entitlement, where we think He only gives us what is extravagant.
A Gospel of me, me, me, and not God, God, God.

This life should be a road of work. 
This America sits down and asks and does nothing.
This America looks at God as their personal financial hand me out. 
This America is a place where God is no longer God.

How can joy come if we sit on our chairs and do nothing. 
How can we understand joy without suffering, and die every day. 
God is love and it is the love from the Son of Sorrow.
God is the path that is filled with trial, work, and ultimately reward.

Easy does not value you or me. 
I want to work for my value.
I want to learn how to suffer through God’s example. 
I want to understand God’s love by working, walking, doing
 And not by doing nothing, where I wait without trying to search, love, and work.

He bled, He died, He suffered.
He is the example of how I wish to live my life. 
He bled, He died, He suffered.
He is the way, the truth, my life.

How we deal with our suffering shows the world the love of Christ. 
How we love in spite of suffering shows the world what God truly is.
Sitting down and doing nothing is the bane of our society. 
Stand up, work, suffer, love, and show what life is really there for. 
To be like God we must suffer, and show His light to those that are in your world. 
We are believers that live in his scars.
Now let us emulate those scars for the good of true, unconditional love.

One thought on “The True Walk of Life

  1. Matt, that is just wonderful. I have written about that before- Romans 8:29, we forget why things work together for good.
    Friday, I was thinking of Jeremiah 29:11 as I paid off my mini van. A voice spoke to me, those promises are true even in the dark. Our chief aim is to glorify God.
    Our daily bread is feeding the world the good news that Jesus died for them, lives and wants fellowship. Much deeper than prosperity gospel watering our souls.
    Must have been a great church service yesterday.


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