Tear Down and Rebuild

“It all depends on how you look at life. I think positivity and happiness is a choice, and sometimes it is not an easy choice to make.”
                                                                       Colleen Ballinger

Tear Down and Rebuild

In that moment, it is the right moment.
In that time, it was the season I believed in.
I was in my world, I was in yours.
I was the man, and you were by my side.
Why am I here now then?
Why is this season the season I must travel in?
Where do I go when it feels like I have no where to go?
Where is the destination I am being taken?
I would really like to know.
I do know that love is worth the heartache and the pain.
And I know that men should be equal even if they are not strong.
I know that when life throws you winter, spring can be found around the corner.
And I know that truth and heart can deliver
and free my aching soul. 
In these moments, I am where I need to be.
In these times, it is the season I believe in.
You are no longer in my world, and I won’t be in yours.
I am a man finding out what I believe.
And what do I believe?
I would really like to know.
I do know that we are taken through times when nothing feels safe.
And I know that I sometimes feel insecure.
I know that love will be by my side no matter what the tide.
And I know my mind can be logical when my heart feels fine. 
We all go through seasons in our lives.
We all go through the good, the bad, and the lies.
We all sing and dance when nothing feels right.
I live my life to tear down and rebuild again.
For I know that I still have a positive side.  

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