Let Me Be Free

“And in that moment I swear we were infinite.”
                                                                  ~The Perks of Being a Wallflower

~Let Me Be Free~

I want the water to be over my head.
I want the waves to drown out my fears.
I want the calm, and the choppy to let me rise.
To let me rise and walk towards a silhouette in the distance.

When the whisper is heard
And the voice enters my ears.
I think I will listen.

When an action is asked,
And the voice is strong.
I think I will oblige.

I want the water to penetrate my soul.
I want the salt to cleanse my wounds.
I want the wind to whisper in my ear.
To let me rise and overcome all my fears.

There is a place where my soul meets the end.
There is a soul that can always take me there.
There is a moment built by many.
When these moments come together in sweet memory.

For I have two pieces of wood covered in blood.
I have nails I have used too many times.
I have a savior who supplies me my water.
Because he bore all that I used to live for.

I lay down my blood and choose to be white as snow
And I watch the dead rise up inside my mind.
Then I look to the shore and see its beauty
And I know where I belong.

I run towards the water
And I dive into the deep.
I let the water rise and fall all over me.
As the water washes me clean I start to understand my eternity.

And in that moment I fathom the sacrifice.
In that moment I rise, I run on top of liquid where I used to sink.
I make the choice to follow you.
And you make the choice to let me be free.


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