Until the Lights Go Out(Ramblings of the Confused)

~Until the Lights Go Out(Ramblings of the Confused)~

“The Atlantic was born today and I’ll tell you how… The clouds above opened up and let it out.I was standing on the surface of a perforated sphere When the water filled every hole. And thousands upon thousands made an ocean, Making islands where no island should go. Oh no.” ~Death Cab for Cutie

Is it possible to disagree with the plea from someone who calls for help?

Is it at all possible to love when nothing else seems to show any inkling of good behavior?

Is it at all possible that the crap this world comes up with is a ruse that gets people sucked in and the next stop is a trip to Hell?

Let it all begin with the second talks and the first thoughts of every enemy known. 

To take down the boss and then take down its many forms until it flashes red and is then never known. 

Is it possible to end up alone when somebody is on the phone?

Or lay down your life for another after they end up liking some one better?

Is it at all possible that this life is nothing but a drop dead gorgeous woman flaunting her curves for all to see… and in the end it is beautiful until that bullet murders me?

Or is this life conquered by blood sweat and tears?

Where hard work is what is needed and it then casts out all of my fears. 

Long live the death of solitude and trust.

Long live the dust that covers my heavy heart.

No longer dead, but alive inside this dream.

The dream of all that is done and all that is laid before me.

It is possible to decide if I am good or not?

Is it possible to shake off this sin and cast all my lots?

To trust in no one but trust in trust alone.

Till the time has come and the lights go out, and we find out what this life has been all about. 

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