Blood in the Snow

 This one is a little darker than the others I have posted thus far. I hope you like it. 

“I painted it black, I know how you don’t like normal things.”

~Tate Langdon (Portrayed by Evan Peters)

~Blood in the Snow~

Summer must be over because a cold set is moving in.

The sky is gray and the snow begins to fall.

A blanket sweeps over the land, and the peoples homes begin to warm from the fires going strong.

The mantles are lined with pictures of old.

Families begin to huddle while grandma tells them stories about her in the cold. 

Not all is well, however, not all is going as it was planned.

For the land with its white coat shows stains properly, unlike the dirt and the sand. 

Billy wronged Sue and his blood is now shown.

Sarah hurt Kenny.

Johnny killed Marah, and Joe did himself in, at the end. 

The ground no longer white, but painted red, while grandma tells her story to the family not knowing the pain of outside.

Summer must be over because the snow is falling harder.

It is trying to cover, the blood made.

Not by the fire, but by the liar.  

Grandma’s story is finished, and all the kids go to bed.

But nobody knew that mommy and daddy were dead.

For mommy and daddy had a fight, and now daddy’s blood is the brightest red in the land.

Small towns are nice in the summer, but then comes the winter, and the snow turns red and Hell is shown.

But not in the dirt or the sand, no, Hell is shown in the snow. 


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