Hope this Finds You Well (The Status of Life)

I write a lot and have a lot of thoughts. I made this place to put out what I write. This is unedited poems/thoughts on life that I have. I hope you enjoy the way my mind works. The first one I am posting is…

~The Status of Life~

The inside is the outside of my heart, but not of my mind.
The status takes place at the end of my lifetime.
Outside in the cold, I wander around my soul, and I beg to be let into the places inbetween this life and my other life.
Circling and engaging in activities that seem to make me more mad than happy, and engaging in services that hurt more than heal.
The inside of my heart is a life that longs for better people and better things, with better days, and higher callings.
Outside of self and outside of mind, I delve deeper into the world than any other situation.
Mimicking the situation that underestimates my abilities, and then takes outside inside and calls it names on an unholy level.
The states of being equal the parts set out and set aside for better lies, and better truths.
This is much more difficult than the mind makes it out to be, or is it that my mind is on track but the heart is leading me astray?
Long live the better days and loving things, that belong to the times that make you see what you need to see.
The inside is the outside, while the outside begs to be taken in, but do not think that the opposite can’t be true too.
Breathe in breathe out, take heart and take back.
Input ingenuity, and output failure.
Long live the better days and loving things, that balance the effects of being awake and being bored.
I call this living the life, I call this exciting the image of originality, I call this the end.


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